Trying the shell

I'm trying to live in the shell on Fedora 12.  Here are some initial

*  Not all my applets transferred.  Can I add applets to the top bar? 
Specifically, weather.
*  Is there a halfway point between showing on the currently active
window name next to "activities" on the top bar and the Windows style of
showing all open apps on the bar?  Sometimes I need to remember what I'm
actually doing or have an easy way to flip back and forth among windows.
Alt-Tab isn't quite it.
*  Can't wait for the screencast to work properly. I installed the shell
to try to do one, but it shows only the cursor and a black background. 
Driver is 'radeon'
*  Speaking of screencasts, it was easy to toggle it on, but it wouldn't
stop recording.  I had to restart the shell to do that.



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