Re: Get rid of the scrollbars

I played around with another idea for scrollbars a few months where I tried adding titles into different points on the scrollbar. If anyone is interested, the code for it can be found at

(Note that the code is more of a mockup than a demo, and it's not yet functional.)


On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Florian Ludwig <dino phidev org> wrote:
On Thu, 2009-05-14 at 09:12 -0400, Jeremy Perry wrote:
> Another option is to reduce what we already have today into
> something
> very minimal when not in use. The scrollbar could be represented as
> a
> simple line down the right side, giving a clue that there is
> scrollable area and a sense of how much, as indicated by the length
> of
> a  highlighted portion of the line. When the user gestures over the
> scrollbar area, a fuller, more conventional scrollbar would appear
> with arrows, etc.
Personally I dont like those "auto hiding" UI features, using them (or
using them by accident) is often more a fight than a usage. Esp. with
small targets like scrollbars it might be nasty. But I agree that there
is room for improvement on scrollbars.

Talking about scrollbars you might have a look on:

Some interesting ideas and points brought up in the comments, also the
demo is interesting. It might got a lot to improve but shows nicely
other ways how to interact with scrollbars.

Florian Ludwig <dino phidev org>

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