Get rid of the scrollbars

Just a thought: one of the ugliest graphical items I see on almost all
of today's desktop environments is the scrollbar.

I think it's time to get rid of scrollbars. With the push toward
"touch" computing, the scrollbar becomes a hindrance rather than an
aid to navigation. Users with large, wide or "clumsy" fingers are at a
disadvantage when trying to click, press or drag a scrollbar to pan
(move) a window up, down, left or right.

I propose putting the navigation icons on the window itself. The
arrows could be mere indicator arrows, directional triangles, or plus
signs. The actual panning can be done by dragging the window itself.
Alternatively, the arrows could be "small" icons located at the top,
bottom, right, and left edges of the window that needs to be scrolled.
Bringing the mouse pointer close to the edge of the screen or pointing
at the arrow will magnify or enlarge the arrow, which would give the
user a larger "clickable" area.

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