Re: All GNOME Shell Developers.

Domen Vrankar wrote:

Today I was thinking allot about the one desktop question posted at the top of this thread and noticed that even though I quite like to work with multiple workspaces since I started using gnome-shell, I still see something that is bothering more and more and is related to that question.

I'm using one workspace per task ( OK sometimes two for one task but that's rare ) and have multiple programs related to a certain task on the same workspace. It's bothering me more and more that I have to go to activities corner just to switch between programs on the same workspace. Sure there's also alt-tab option but even it has its drawback - if I have multiple instances of the same program on multiple workspaces then I have to look at every one of them just to find the one that I'm looking for ( and is on the same workspace ). Not to mention that I never was a fan of alt-tab...

It would be nice to have a button shortcut ( or another hot corner ) that would show you all the windows that you have opened on the workspace that you are currently on. For consistency with activities mode it would be great ( at least in my opinion ) to see the applications laid out the same way as they are on workspaces in activities mode, but only for current workspace ( and without activities panel ).

I guess that this would also be an improvement for one workspace users.


This bothers me somewhat too. I don't miss having a window list too much - in my opinion it is usually easier to find the window you want in the overview anyway, but I do think it would be useful to have a way to see only the windows on the current workspace without having to be distracted by all the stuff on other workspaces.

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