Re: Building the default desktop

Hi George,

On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 08:05, George wrote:

> This may be mitigated by having two lists for the set of applets/objects.
> One which has "default" applets and is never written by the panel and one
> which has the current set of applets.  (then you'd also need a way to mark
> some of the ones from the "default" set to be deleted, perhaps a third
> list).  This way the sysadmin could maintain the default list of
> applets/objects and the user could add/remove their applets/objects
> and changes to the default set would still be picked up.
> I think this would be a very useful thing as part of the whole lockdown
> framework.  If you'd lock the "removed defaults" list then you'd disallow
> removing of default applets.
> Same could be done for panels.  Mark, any thoughts on this?  (Obviously this
> is post 2.4 :)

	Hmm, I think the panel setup is complicated enough as it is :-)

	I'm starting to get some mad notions that having all this in GConf
doesn't really make sense. Why aren't panel's basically just folder
views (like the desktop) showing you a representation of what's in the
folder. Positions would be stored in the file metadata, you lock the
panel by making the directory non writable etc.

	This totally doesn't answer the question of how a sysadmin can add
extra things to an existing users panel but it does make it the same
question as how to add extra stuff to an existing user's desktop :-)

Good Luck,

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