Re: Building the default desktop

Thanks for your help so far.  I think I'm well on my way.  This is
definitely not a trivial thing to go from 0 to functional on, but it is
not quite as bad as I thought.  I have two main questions, right now.

Question 1:
The basis of what I want is to set a default background, configure
default desktop icons, and most importantly, configure two default
panels, one a menu panel, and the other an edge panel.  With the edge
panel, I will need to put certain launchers on there.

Now, I am pretty sure, at this point, that I can take the
panel-per-panel-config-nolaptop.schemas file in /etc/gconf/schemas from
my rhl 9 system, modify it, and be good to go.  (Though modifying it
will be a little less pleasant than it sounds.)  My question is this. 
The docs sorta seemed to indicate that the small and large screen
settings were basically not relevant, and may be there just as a
"future" kind of thing.  Is this accurate?  Can I just work with the
"medium" sets in my schema file?  Or, can I just do the medium, and then
copy its results out, changing the relevant parts from "medium" to
"small" and "large" as appropriate?

Question 2:
I'm working with a ton of users.  Not all users will be using gnome, but
it is not predictable to me which ones will and which ones will not, so
I can't prime their accounts with stuff.  (Well, that is part of why.) 
This is why I'll do as much as I can from within the gconf defaults &&
mandatory settings.

If a user has not reconfigured their panels, and I add a launcher to one
of the default panels later, will they pick that up?

If that is a yes, then, if they do change some details about the panels,
but leave the panel itself there (but maybe add or remove launchers from
the default panel config), will my added launcher show up?

Many thanks for your responses.  I'll be able to figure some of this out
on my own through testing, I know, but it will take me a little while to
muggle through the schema file :)


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