Re: Building the default desktop

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 08:38:39AM -0400, Chris Geddings wrote:
> I'm poking around in the default profiles (gconf.xml.defaults), and I'm
> not finding what appears to come up for the default desktop.  I'm
> assuming that either I'm misunderstanding something, or the defaults can
> also be set at a lower level, which is where Red Hat has activated
> them.

Are you talking about the icons on the desktop background
I thought you meant defaults for the whole desktop environment.

Those icons are best filled in with /etc/skel at the moment, or by 
adding a script in /etc/profile.d. Just fill in the user's
~/.gnome-desktop with the .desktop files you want.

> Any suggestions on the particular source RPM's that will show me these
> defaults?  There's a lot of gnome-type packages :)

gnome-desktop, gnome-panel, nautilus, metacity are sort of the core
ones. gnome-session is sometimes involved.


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