Re: [gpm] New preferences UI

On Tue 19. Dec - 19:47:18, Richard Hughes wrote:
> I've applied this to CVS head:
> 2006-12-19  Richard Hughes  <richard hughsie com>
> 	* data/
> 	Change default to be ondemand at 85 performance on AC and
> 	ondemand at 25 performance on battery. Ubuntu set ondemand
> 	by default, and have had no bad reports.
> 	The rationale for this change is that we should still save
> 	power on AC, there's no point having the processor run at
> 	100 percent when the system is idle.
> 	* src/gpm-cpufreq.c: (gpm_cpufreq_set_performance):
> 	Allow setting the performance for the dynamic policies.
> Should I now disable (or remove) the controls in gconf?

I think there will definitely be people who like to set something
different then the default, so I would like to see them kept. But it's
your choice of course ;-)


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