[gpm] New preferences UI


I've been playing with the new preferences UI in the 2.17 releases, and 
so far I'm not especially keen.

1) Why do we have different sleep types when inactive for AC and 

2) Why do we have preference options for cpufreq? The only sensible 
values are ondemand and no cpufreq at all, and I don't think any 
significant proportion of users are in any sort of position to make that 
judgement. We should just do the right thing here.

3) Why do we have so many panes by default now? It makes the UI look 
significantly more intimidating, and while creative use of white space 
was kind of cool in 90s publishing, I think we're past that stage now. 
Even if we don't remove the options that seem fairly pointless, we can 
still collapse it down to three for the common case.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59 srcf ucam org

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