Re: gnome-pilot and pilot-xfer restore don't work

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 06:21 -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> But the udev auto-loading visor is the only explanation that makes
> sense...  I just tried blacklisting visor and adding the
> 60-libpisock.rules file to /etc/udev/rules.d as described in the
> README, did /etc/init.d/udev restart (even rebooted), but it doesn't
> work: connecting the device always loads visor and interferes with
> libusb. :-(

A few things come to mind: 

If you blacklisted visor, removed it, restarted udev and its STILL
loading, then its being loaded by something else. A cron job? Something
else in /etc/modules? Something distribution-specific? I'd rgrep /etc/
for visor and see what comes up. 

> Now I have another problem: a 700p which doesn't restore at all with
> usbserial.  I haven't seen anything on the pilot-link or gnome-pilot
> lists on this, and the web is not much help.

Did you add the 700p's vendor/prod structures to the .rules for for udev
using pilot-link? I don't think we've ever had a user with a 700p before
using udev, so that entry may need to be updated so that libusb can hook
in and handle it at connect time (likewise for the visor module, that'll
need to be updated and rebuilt as well; it doesn't require a kernel
rebuild, you can just build and install the patched module directly). 

> If people have ideas on getting libusb to work I'm happy to keep
> trying for a couple of days, but fortunately they also gave me a fixed
> 600 to fall back on. 

If you rmmod visor, cradle your Palm device, and hit HotSync... does the
system log show any visor-related messages at all? If so, then I'd
backtrack from there and see why. 

Also, make sure you're running a current version of udev. I'm running
108-0ubuntu4 here and it works great. You don't need the latest bleeding
edge version (and DO NOT build it from source and try to install it
yourself, you will break things). You just need something current. 

If you're still having trouble, catch me/us on irc and we'll help
real-time;, port 6667 for cleartext, 994 for ircs.

David A. Desrosiers - desrod gnu-designs com 
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