Re: excluding files from backup conduit

On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 08:21 -0500, aka.bugle wrote:
> Ok I've looked in
> ~/.gnome2/gnome-pilot.d/
> I'm not finding a backup-conduit file, is it possible that I don't
> have it yet because i haven't yet had a successful backup? or am I
> just not looking in the right places?

The file should exist if you have configured the backup-conduit using
gpilotd-control-applet.  Try selecting the backup conduit in
gpilotd-control-applet and click on 'settings...'.

> question…if I have no backup-conduit file, can I create it with the one line
> exclude_files=NetLibrary blah blah2\\ moreBlah2 Blah3 Blah4\\ moreBlah4\\ Blah5
> is that all that needs to be in the file?

No.  The file also contains the backup directory on your desktop, for

> 2nd question… How do I list files on palm with a >64k segment?

Dunno.  Standard procedure is to keep adding files to the exclude list
until backup works :) 


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