Category support in adsressbook


I'm currently looking if it's possible to add category support for the addressbook when syncing with evolution.  As far as I found there is currently no support for it, so I started looking at the code trying to hack it myself :-)
But I'm a bit confused understanding the code. I think the most important things need to be changed in the addressbook conduit file from evolution (addressbook/conduit/address-conduit.c). But looking at that file it seems some work on category support has already been done. At least, the categories from the palm are read and first stored in a structure, but then discarded as far as I understand. Is there anybody who can give some more information about this?
Second when I look at the function: static GnomePilotRecord
local_record_to_pilot_record (ECalLocalRecord *local,
                  ECalConduitContext *ctxt,
                  unsigned char *record,
                  int maxRecordLen)
which is designed to convert a record from evolution to palm.  This method contains a structure
ECalLocalRecord *local, and this structure has a member category, but this value always seems to be 0.  This function is called from the function "compare" and "prepare", but I have actually no clue from where these functions are called, and so I don't know where the ECalLocalRecord *local structure is actually made. Can somebody help me and put me on the right track for this?  I guess it has something to do with the "gtk_signal_connect (retval, "prepare", (GtkSignalFunc) prepare, ctxt);" functions, but I have no experience with gtk/gnome programming, so it's still somewhat confusing to me.


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