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thanks for the reply!
  So... I should upgrade my pilot link to > 11.8 (12.0)? In a previous post you stated that I would be unable to sync with Evolution if I didn't use pl 11.8.

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On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 15:12 -0500, aka.bugle wrote:
> Pilotists...
> Howdy!
> Whats the method for excluding files from the backup conduit?  I have
> an application in palm (filez, I'm sure you've heard of it) that I can
> change attributes of palm files e.g. removing the backup attrib'...
> however this seems to have no effect on the backup conduit?????
>   I've read that  the LifeDrive and Palm TX's blazer (palm web
> browser) and some of the wifi libraries can cause problems with the
> backup conduit. My backup stalls 1/2 way thru .

See comment 9 in bug 136010 on :

The 'exclude_files' mechanism is not accessible from the configuration


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