Re: ecalendar crashes evolution-exchange upon authenticating calendar

I verified that this patch fixes the problem for me - thanks for finding that! What a difference a simple "!" can make ;)

I do, as you say, still have buggy sync behavior - "copy to pda" is the only thing that works (but appears to have copied everything). When I "synchronize" nothing happens on either side. I do recall that I had this issue before this other bug arose; but this sounds slightly different from the sync problem that you describe. Do you know if there are open bugs on either of these issues?

I'd be glad to help troubleshoot/debug this if I can - feel free to point me in the right direction with that, if you happen to know what that is! Would be nice to help get this working, but unfortunately I don't know squat about gnome/evo/gpilot architecture, so am not really sure where best to start looking.

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