Re: 2.0.15 ebuild help

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 10:18 -0500, aka.bugle wrote:
> On 1/1/07, Matt Davey <mcdavey mrao cam ac uk> wrote:
> >
> > There are several reasons why gpilotd might fail to connect,
> > but it isn't easy to figure out from the info above.
> > It's usually worth firing up gpilotd and gpilotd-control-applet
> > from the command line (kill any running gpilotd first) so that
> > you can see any error messages.
> I've searched all over (mustbe in the wrong places...) but cant find a
> man or docs or help on running gpilotd or gpilot-control-applet from
> command. Could you give me a URL for help with these commands? (I did
> run gpilotd --help, but its alittle cryptic as to what does what)

You should be able to run gpilotd and gpilotd-control-applet without
arguments.  Remember to kill any existing gpilotd processes first.  If
the applet is running, it will try to restart gpilotd if it is killed,
so remove the applet from the taskbar if you have it running.

> > Is it possible that you have some files left over from the old
> > gnome-pilot install?  If you have different installation directories
> > you could have a gpilotd linked against pilot-link 0.11.8 and a
> > gpilotd-control-applet linked against 0.12.1.  That wouldn't
> > be good.  Just a thought.
> >
> You where right here and I,ve now got all the conduits listed in the
> tab of conduits on the settings dialogue

We're making some progress at least :)

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