Re: ecalendar crashes evolution-exchange upon authenticating calendar

--- Jonathan Steinhart <jsteinhart gmail com> wrote:

> On an up-to-date Ubuntu Edgy system, with evolution/evolution-exchange
> 2.8.1and gnome-pilot-conduits
> 2.0.14.
> Sync performs fine with ecalendar disabled; but when set to "Synchronize",
> evolution-exchange (which I use to access my company email/calendar) crashes
> right after this output from gpilotd:
> ecalconduit-Message:
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> ecalconduit-Message: pre_sync: Calendar Conduit v.0.1.6
> ecalconduit-Message:   Using timezone:
> /
> ecalconduit-Message: Authenticating calendar
> Worked fine (i.e. would correctly sync my exchange calendar to my palm) up
> until a few months ago - unfortunately I don't remember exactly when it
> stopped, so I can't correlate the breakage with any other events.
> Any have an idea of why this is failing (or barring that, where to look for
> more data on the problem)?

I found a bug in evolution-exchange. I've filed it along with your original e-mail here:

The bug was caused by an incorrect checking before going into an if statement (it was checking if
a variable was NULL, and then dereferencing the NULL variable - it should have been verifying the
variable was NOT NULL).

If you're up for building evolution-exchange itself, feel free to apply the patch against SVN/CVS
and try it out. Before the patch, I got the exact same symptoms you mentioned above. With the fix,
no crash occurs. A patch against 2.8.2 is pretty easy as well (it's a 1-line change).

This doesn't mean that syncing is perfect. For some reason Copy to PDA isn't copying everything
from Exchange to my PDA. If you successfully sync everything, let me know - maybe I have some
settings wrong (haven't used evolution-exchange much).

Nathan Owens

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