ecalendar crashes evolution-exchange upon authenticating calendar

On an up-to-date Ubuntu Edgy system, with evolution/evolution-exchange 2.8.1 and gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.14.

Sync performs fine with ecalendar disabled; but when set to "Synchronize", evolution-exchange (which I use to access my company email/calendar) crashes right after this output from gpilotd:

ecalconduit-Message: ---------------------------------------------------------
ecalconduit-Message: pre_sync: Calendar Conduit v.0.1.6
ecalconduit-Message:   Using timezone: /
ecalconduit-Message: Authenticating calendar

Worked fine (i.e. would correctly sync my exchange calendar to my palm) up until a few months ago - unfortunately I don't remember exactly when it stopped, so I can't correlate the breakage with any other events.

Any have an idea of why this is failing (or barring that, where to look for more data on the problem)?

Thanks in advance!

Jon Steinhart

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