Re: ecalendar crashes evolution-exchange upon authenticating calendar

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 13:33 -0500, Jonathan Steinhart wrote:
> On an up-to-date Ubuntu Edgy system, with evolution/evolution-exchange
> 2.8.1 and gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.14.
> Sync performs fine with ecalendar disabled; but when set to
> "Synchronize", evolution-exchange (which I use to access my company
> email/calendar) crashes right after this output from gpilotd: 
> ecalconduit-Message:
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> ecalconduit-Message: pre_sync: Calendar Conduit v.0.1.6
> ecalconduit-Message:   Using
> timezone: / 
> ecalconduit-Message: Authenticating calendar

What crashes?  The conduit, or evolution-data-server?  Do you have a

Could be related to:

Or, less likely:

For the former bug, you _might_ have success by either:
1. exit evolution before syncing
2. use a copy-to-pda style sync.  Of course, that mightn't
   be what you want...

There is a evolution-data-server patch attached to but 363102, but
rebuilding e-d-s isn't everyone's cup of tea.


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