Re: finally got a sync w/ 2.0.15

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 08:14 -0500, aka.bugle wrote:
> After hammering the ebuild into place I've finally got it to sync w/
> my LifeDrive.  Wi-Fi works somewhat consistantly, But USB...
> arrrrggggggg!!! ... after MANY different custom udev rule edits, I
> finally got a udev rule to sync thru the cradle. thought I had it
> beat... but alas, it only synced once , try as i may I can't figure
> out why it synced that 1 time but not again.

me neither.

>    version 2.0.13-r1 wouldn't have trouble connecting with USB but the
> daemon would lock up after every succesful USB sync. 2.0.15 it just
> the opposite... seems much more stabile... just won't connect reliably
> (once!!!????) w/ USB.

I don't know what to say.  I'm not familiar with the problems people
have been having with the lifedrive USB connections, but it could be
that your problems are in line with known issues.  At least if you have
network sync that is a workaround.

> Wi-Fi sync log on my palm shows that it synced ...1-3-07, 10:56 pm
> gnome-pilot v.2.0.15
> On host ldux
> Synchonizing EAddress
> Synchonizing ECalendar
> Synchonizing Ememos
> Synchonizing EToDo
> Synchonizing Time
> Synchonization completed
> HOWEVER...  in the settings applet, conduits field it only shows
> Backup Disabled
> Expence Disabled
> File Disabled
> MAL Disabled
> Memofile Syncrhonize
> Sendmail Disabled
> Test Disabled
> Time Enabled
> Where's the ECalendar and other EConduit settings dialogue?

This sort of thing usually happens if the ".conduit" files for evolution
are in the wrong place (they should be in the same place as the .conduit
files installed by gnome-pilot/gnome-pilot-conduits.  However, if
they're in the wrong place you shouldn't be getting evo synchronisation!
This combination of symtoms suggests that maybe the gpilotd that is
running is not from the same build as your settings applet, so that the
applet sees one set of .conduit files and gpilotd another.  Is that

> I really want USB sync to work w/ the LifeDrive and am willing to
> recompile kernel with better bug reporting if needed...

I suggested you send terminal output from gpilotd and
gpilotd-control-applet in my last mail... that would indicate whether
gpilotd is attempting to connect and failing for some reason, or whether
it isn't noticing the connections, for example.


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