finally got a sync w/ 2.0.15

After hammering the ebuild into place I've finally got it to sync w/
my LifeDrive.  Wi-Fi works somewhat consistantly, But USB...
arrrrggggggg!!! ... after MANY different custom udev rule edits, I
finally got a udev rule to sync thru the cradle. thought I had it
beat... but alas, it only synced once , try as i may I can't figure
out why it synced that 1 time but not again.

  version 2.0.13-r1 wouldn't have trouble connecting with USB but the
daemon would lock up after every succesful USB sync. 2.0.15 it just
the opposite... seems much more stabile... just won't connect reliably
(once!!!????) w/ USB.

Wi-Fi sync log on my palm shows that it synced ...1-3-07, 10:56 pm

gnome-pilot v.2.0.15
On host ldux
Synchonizing EAddress
Synchonizing ECalendar
Synchonizing Ememos
Synchonizing EToDo
Synchonizing Time
Synchonization completed

HOWEVER...  in the settings applet, conduits field it only shows
Backup Disabled
Expence Disabled
File Disabled
MAL Disabled
Memofile Syncrhonize
Sendmail Disabled
Test Disabled
Time Enabled

Where's the ECalendar and other EConduit settings dialogue?
I really want USB sync to work w/ the LifeDrive and am willing to
recompile kernel with better bug reporting if needed...
Best Regards,

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