Re: Antw: Re: problems regarding recover using gnome-pilot 2.0.13

Hi Matt,

can you give me a hint where the logs are stored or (if using syslog), which pattern
I can search for. Of course I dont want to re-crash my palm, so it would be hard to
test, if we get a fix ;-)

Yes, I'm realy glad, that the restore worked fine with palm-xfer.

For me it seamed, that the restore of gnome-pilot did some restores double (i.e.
the Secret!.prc and run into a hang during this second phase. While other
packages where not synced so far. Usng pilot-xfer I only saw one sync per
prc and pdb file...

Second I tried to disable only the file conduit. But then the palm only syned
for half a second without any data effect. 

Best regards

Fabian Herschel
Technical Specialist
fabian herschel novell com 
+49 69 2174 1923

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