Re: problems regarding recover using gnome-pilot 2.0.13

On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 10:58 +0000, Fabian Herschel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know there is a new version on the web page. Do I realy need to update, if 
> have the following problem?
> My palm tungsten c unfortunately dropped all data :-(

bummer :(

The FIRST thing I would do is to make a complete copy of the directory
containing your backed up data.  The worst thing that could happen would
be for your newly cleared palm to overwrite your backed up data during a

> Now I run the gnome-palm applet and resend the palm-id entry to the
> device. That worked fine so far.
> If I want to recover the data using "Restore" in the applet menu
> the synchronisation runs for about half a second but does not
> restorev anything to my palm device.

I don't think you need to upgrade gnome-pilot.  However, I recently
found a bug that may prevent the Restore sequence from completing
properly.  You can do me a favour by verifying the following before
restoring your data (which I'll come to later, see below).
1. take a look in your ~/.gnome2/gnome-pilot.d/gpilotd file.
2. In the definition of your "Pilot", do you have creation=0
   and romversion=0 ?
3. If so, try the following:
3a. Using the applet, go through the steps to 'Add' a new "Pilot".  This
should create a new entry in the gpilotd file with, I hope, a non-zero
creation and romversion field.  Try copying these lines into your
original "Pilot".  You can now delete the duplicate Pilot you just
created.  Restart gpilotd.
3b. Do another hard-reset on your Tungsten, and try synching again.  My
theory is that this time your device will be matched against your backed
up data, and the restore will be done.  But I could be wrong...

> Do I miss something? How to restore the lost data (yes I did a
> palm backup soem days before)?

The simplest way to restore, if you are having trouble with gnome-pilot,
is to use the 'pilot-xfer' utility.  Try:
1. Press hotsync on your device
2. Do "pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyUSBx -r /path/to/gnome-pilot-backup-dir"

where /dev/ttyUSBx should be replaced with whatever device you use to
sync, and the path supplied to -r is the directory the gnome-pilot
backup conduit places your files in.

Note that you should remove any non .prc/.pdb files, or subdirectories,
from the directory you restore from before running pilot-xfer.  It
assumes the directory contains nothing but .prc and .pdb.

Hope this helps,


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