Re: Antw: Re: problems regarding recover using gnome-pilot 2.0.13

On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 14:17 +0000, Fabian Herschel wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> thanks for your response.
> The first problem was, that in the control dialog all conduits where disabled. I gues this was
> also the reason, why the file install program did not its work for me.
> Now I enabled the conduits and the synchronostation runs about 3 minutes ok and then the palm
> devices breaks the session and tell me to reset (soft reset). The sync dialog of the gnome restores hangs 
> on round about 25% of the data.

Glad pilot-xfer worked for you.

Feel free to open a bug report on to log the problems
you found with the gnome-pilot restore process.

I don't know why your restore session was prematurely terminated.  If
you have an error message from running gpilotd from the command-line, or
a backtrace (if gpilotd crashed), it would be good to get that logged.
Otherwise, it'll be hard to diagnose what went wrong.

Anyway, glad your device seems to be back up and running.


Matt Davey		Spelling is a lossed art.
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