Re: Bogus ToDo entries appearing on sync

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 23:03 -0600, Jay Phelps wrote:
> I'm getting a (usually) large number of bogus ToDo entries created
> intermittently when I sync my Treo 600 with Evolution.  These appear
> only on the Treo, not in Evolution unless I sync twice.  A varying
> number of blank entries at priority 3, unfiled and no due date are
> created.  It may be as few as several hundred to many thousands!  I
> have not been able to make this repeatable: i.e. it's appearance is
> random as is the number of fake entries.  The only 'fix' I have for
> this is to use FileZ to delete the ToDo database, create a single todo
> to recreate the DB, then sync to restore the entries from Evolution.
> Would anyone else have experienced this or have some suggestions to
> pin this down and hopefully find a work around?
> -Jay 


Not much to contribute to you, but I experienced the same thing.  My
solution was to change the sync to be unidirectional - copy from Palm.
I find that I use it more to simply "back up" my Palm and probably would
be fine not particularly using the EConduits....

My environment has been Fedora Core 3 (regularly patched), an IBM
WorkPad c3 (Palm V), connected in a serial cradle (remember those
folks?), connected through a serial-USB adapter.  I am using the
Evolution, gnome-pilot and such that simply came with or has been
updated from FC3 in terms of versioning....


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