evolution syncing

I cannot get my palm to sync with evolution properly. I would like to "start over" with all of this. My calendar entries will not transfer from my evolution data to palm and vise versa. Would clearing my palm's info help to get the syncing working??


here is a post from some time before:

I am having some issues syncing with Evolution.

I was able to initially get my palm backed up and synced.  Now, I am
unable to get information between the two.

It seems that things are getting synced but information does not show up
on either my palm or evolution.  I have conduits enabled.  Often, the to
-do sync hangs.  I disabled that but still I am unable to sync my
calendar, etc.

Evolution 2.0.3
gnome-pilot applet 2.0.10
nome-pilot 2.0.10

Also, running gpilotd-session-wrapper gives:

$ gpilotd-session-wrapper
session-wrapper called, but no code is implemented, sorry  :)

what logs should i look at / post?


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