Re: SNAFU: Incomplete installs, no conduits available, precompiled packages not working

> I see, it's there ;-) Obviously, my $PATH doesn't contain that dir, for
> what reason soever.

	Nor should it, it isn't run by a user, the capplet runs it, iirc.

> I made dozens of "make clean", deleted the whole sub-trees and did
> ./configure freshly as stated in your howto, but allways the same.

	What was your prefix when building pilot-link? Did you use that
same prefix when building gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-conduits? Did you
tell Evolution where to find both of those as well?

> I followed your howto _exactly_ for pilot-link 0.11.8 and gnome-pilot,
> but the gpilotd I get from that only gives those two dots. Again: There
> is NO number given when calling the freshly build gpilotd, it only
> states two dots (..) instead of (0.11.8), which is the version of the
> pilot-xfer stored in /usr/local after make install.

	If you don't see gnome-pilot report the version of pilot-link when
you configure it _before_ you build it, then you should stop there, and
figure out why. That's step 2 in the process, and you skipped that and
went all the way to the next few steps (building gnome-pilot-conduits and
Evolution), which compounded the problems.

	You should do a 'make uninstall' in each source tree, then
distclean, and start again. In short:

	pilot-link --prefix=/usr/local

	gnome-pilot --prefix=/usr --with-pisock=/usr/local

	gnome-pilot-conduits --prefix=/usr -with-pisock=/usr/local

	evolution --prefix=/usr --with-pisock=/usr/local \
		  --enable-pilot-conduits=yes            \

> Anyway, I managed to install Jamie's packages last night, but even with
> them, there are no conduits reported in the pilot settings dialog.

	Shot in the dark, but what does this show:

	gpilotd-control-applet --cap-id=1

> Then I reinstalled everything from Jamie's packages and : WOHOW! It's
> running now. Something has really been f*cked up here.


> So, I don't know why I (and apparently only I) always end up with a
> shot-up installation when following your Howto. I guess I'll not touch
> that stuff again. Thanks so far. To both of you, David and Jamie.

	Dozens of others have used it without any issues. I'm sure it was
a local configuration problem on your end, easily resolved. I'll spend
some time and update my HOWTO to reflect the GNOME2 stuff and yank the
GNOME1 stuff.


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