Re: Problem synching Handspring Treo 180g over USB

Am Son, 2003-07-06 um 21.08 schrieb Thomas Maeder:
> Am Son, 2003-07-06 um 15.08 schrieb Thomas Maeder:
> > > 	This sounds like a known kernel issue. Are you sure you are running
> > > the Linux kernel version 2.4.21 or later?
> > 
> > Good point. No, I'm running 2.4.20. I'll try upgrading to 2.4.21.
> Botting 2.4.21 seems to have helped against the crash (1 sync, no need
> to reboot). I can still only sync with gnome-control-center open,
> though.

Nope: 2 syncs, one ok, once the lights start flashing again.

The whole story starts getting frustrating.

I am told that installing


will do. I upgrade my distro (SuSE 8.2, for Gnome 2) and these packages;
no success. I am told that using a 2.4.21 kernel will do. I upgrade to
that kernel. Still doesn't work.

What am I supposed to do now?

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