Segmentation Fault on setup

I have a new system which I just built. Every time I try to setup my
Visor Edge to work with gnome-pilot I get Segmentation Fault just before
I get the identification from my visor. I can run pilot-xfer -p
/dev/ttyUSB1 -l" and it lists the programs installed, so I know the USB
works. I get the kinda welcome screen setup for gnome-pilot after adding
the gnome-pilot-applet to the panel. I use the name "Visor Edge", device
"/dev/ttyUSB1", speed "57600", timeout "2" and type "Handspring USB". I
then select "Yes, I've used sync software with this pilot before". When
I click next I get  a pop up that states "Application "gpilotd" (process
3912) has crashed due to a fatal error. (Segmentation fault). I just
click cancel after that. I have submitted a bug report. Is there
anything that I am doing wrong. My system description is below:

Red Hat 7.3
Ximian Desktop
Ximian Gnome


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