pilot-link v0.11 "Ocean's Eleven" release out

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	Well, we've finally done it, version 0.11 of pilot-link is out!

	First, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped out with this
release, getting it out the door, and for everyone who has contributed
patches, fixes, new conduits, or generally given us a hand keeping the
release on track. JP Rosevear for his incredible work on USB support, and
library-level rewrites and fixes, Angus Ainslie for his new conduits, both
John Marshalls, Anish Mistry for his FreeBSD patches, Kevin Buckley for his
XML work, and dozens of others.

	Keep up the great work!

	So much has changed in this release, it's hard to keep track of it
all, but here's the high points:

	New Conduits
	- read-palmpix, allows you to read images created from a Kodak
	  PalmPix camera (Angus Ainslie and John Marshall)

	- read-notepad, write Notepad application information to images
	  (Angus Ainslie)

	- pi-getromtoken, extract various hardware token information from
	  your Palm device, such as serial number information (Owen

	- pilot-datebook, eventual replacement for install-datebook,
	  read/write to Datebook data, including Windows .dba file formats

	Many of the existing conduits have been cleaned up and "flattened",
	so they are easier to use, smaller, and redundant code has been
	pushed out of the way, into the library where it belonged.

	New Library Support
	- Complete USB device support for Sony and Palm USB-based handheld
	  devices, faster code than in previous pre-release versions.

	- Support for passworded devices (OS4 and higher)
	- Extensive debug logging (see doc/README.debugging)
	- Complete DLP argument parsing rewrite
	- DLP regression testing

	There's a lot under the hood too, lots of code is changing to
	support a more modular conduit development model, which will
	eventually get rolled up into using Kevin Buckley's XML work and
	allow more robust line-by-line error reporting.

	Download It
	You can find the releases on the pilot-link.org website, as well as
	the file signatures, which should deter some of the rogue copies of
	pilot-link that have been floating around, confusing users.



	IRC Channel
	If you'd like to talk to the users and developers of pilot-link in
	real-time, or report a bug, or just hang out in general, you can
	find us in the pilot-link irc channel on irc.pilot-link.org, in
	the channel #pilot-link.

	What is Coming
	Some things in the works for the later releases of pilot-link
	include some of the following:

	- XML and CSV input and output path for all conduits
	- ZLib support for network HotSync to compress data
	- pilot-link Software Development Kit (SDK)
	- pilot-link Conduit Development Kit (CDK)
	- FreeBSD support (functional, need to work out licensing issues)
	- OSX support (device layer currently missing)

	What is Missing
	Porters are wanted to help with the following updates:
		- Win32 support for USB devices
		- OS/2 support for USB devices
		- OSX support for native devices

	- Network HotSync from Linux to Windows currently isn't working
	  properly, but it's high on our list to figure out and fix.

	- There are many missing manpages currently, volunteers wanted
	- USB device matrix; We need to know what devices work on what port
	  (Sony devices problematic)

	- "Foreign" device testers; Dana device, Handspring Treo testers


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