Re: m515, usb and gpilot! When will it happen?

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 11:09, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
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> > I've got the m515 working with coldsync under usb fine (usb is a
> > _lot_quicker than serial!!!).
> 	It's actually still serial, using a USB interface, but we won't
> confuse you with that just yet.. =)

Yup, if you want to keep me, best not lose me with all that type of
> > I know this setup is not supported yet under gpilot, but any idea when
> > this is gonna be supported?
> 	USB works under gpilot, and has for several months. Currently you
> have to do some compiling yourself to get it working, but many people have
> their USB Palm devices working with gpilotd without problems.
> 	When I release 0.11 of pilot-link this week, the distribution
> maintainers should pick it up and roll the USB support into the necessary
> packages, and put them into the mainline supported systems.
> > I ask, so I know whether it's worth my while buying a serial cradle for
> > the time being!
> 	Nah, just follow the instructions I've pointed to here:

Cool, this is better than I expected!!!

Looks like Chris has got himself some compiling to do!!

BTW am well impressed with the m515. What a sleek sexy looking machine
it is!!!  ....and performs like one as well!!

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