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tis 2002-06-25 klockan 03.47 skrev Seth Nickell:
> > Also, I think that the user should know what he is doing when he sets it
> > to be ext2, we never want a user to run it without activily choosing it
> > (imho anyway). Yes, it will eat more battery if you run ext3 on your
> > laptop *BUT* you will not face an 'fsck' at boot.
> > 
> > We can have a document describing how to use 'ext2' together with
> > information about pros and cons, but I think we should always go with
> As Nielsen (I think) quips, "Users can't read, and even if they could,
> they wouldn't want to"
> Don't rely on documentation. Most users simply don't read it. If there's
> an important distinction like this (which we've readily identified: use
> ext3 unless its a laptop in which case journalling is probably too
> costly) we either need to get the filesystem fixed (that'd sure be nice,
> I've heard there are patches that help immensely with this) or we need
> to handle the choice of filesystem automaticall, preferably *not*
> exposing the choice to the user.

Sure fair enough. What do you think the user will think when he is faced
with 'fsck' for just shutting down his machine? 

Since it's much "safer" going with ext3 even on a laptop I can't really
see a problem. And let's spend the time on investigating how we can
extend battery time _with_ a journaling filesystem rather than on how to
disable the journaling.

Most of the users described as the "Users can't read..." is those that
will probably be very new to Linux (since those that are currently using
Linux obviously can read since it's a requirement for setting up current
solutions). Those users will assume that it's OK to just shutdown your
machine without getting file system corruptions all over the place.

  Mikael Hallendal

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