Re: GNOME Office Web Site

Op zo 09-05-2004, om 16:34 schreef William O'Shea:
> My offer to purchase the domain still stands if
> Redhat or someone else will host it.

Host the site, or the DNS ? We can at least host the DNS at For the site, RH would be nice...

> In regards to using a Wiki, if the issue is simply one of 
> maintenance I will also be happy to do it, acting as a central
> contact point to the various developers and making the actual
> changes. I have passable web skills (i.e. I'm not a prof. web
> designer).
> Bill O'Shea
> P.S. Is still down, or am I experiencing DNS lag?

Well, yes. Currently, is up, with all services except the mailing lists restored. They will be restored tomorrow (I hope). All other aliasses like are not available atm..


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