Re: GNOME Office Web Site

On 08/05/04 22:06:09, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Hump currently in the process of being busted.  For speed, I'm going
> with what's familiar.  We may swap it later.  Probably can have it
> done by the end of the week.

As long as we have something we can go "Ooh, lookie" at when someone's curious.

On 08/05/04 18:58:19, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> We're putting it into practise for Vexi:
> uses podwiki which is really flexible, allows mixed html
> and  wiki content in pages, has version control, access controls,
> etc.  Is  this something people would consider?

If you can hide the wiki-ness from all but the access-enabled, I think that much of the ick-age would disappear.

> Btw, has anything come of the interest in creating a presentation
> tool?

Grand Question, that. I'll leave that to the two groups with sufficient mental instability to take this project as their own.

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