Re: Defining Gnome Office

> Some more thoughts on the matter.
> It would be a good way of coordinating things like:
>   o  Translations
>        which currently vary across Gnome Office
>   o  Release Builds
>        using common build maintainers to get all of Gnome
>        Office available of supported platforms
>   o  User Support
>        through a common mailing list and forums so that
>        project devs can concentrate on their projects
>   o  Resources
>        offer resources such as web space, web pages, issue
>        tracking etc to take another weight off of projects
>   o  User Documentation
>        in a common place in a standard format, making it
>        easier for Joe Shmoe to get into Gnome Office
>   o  Developer Documentation and Support
>        so project developers can get advice and help on
>        issues like making/keeping their Gnome Office apps
>        portable to other platforms
> Am I the only one who thinks there is an awful lot of potential here?

Hi Charlie,
          You have my suport for this sort of revamp. We need this.
It will also help the various comunities talk to each other and hopefully
pull in more people like yourself, who are willing to do this sort of

In the past we've had political problems about defining Gnome Office. Some
of these have past but some haven't. Evolution should definately be in
Gnome Office but didn't want to participate inthe 1.0 release for some
strange reason.

In any case you're pushing on an open door as far as I'm concerned. Do the
work, ask for help, get it done!



> - Charlie
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