A rewritten gnome-sound-recorder

Hi all,
I'm coding a new gnome-sound-recorder from scratch, using Vala as
programing language, and based on Hylke Bons mockups 

The project is in a usable state but need several improvements:
You can record but not choose the source of the sound yet,
You can play a file from the list and seek into it with the slider,
You can rename a record, change the audio format used for recording, and
change the records location.
I plan to write a new Widget called 'RecordIndicator' which shows the
sound input like in Hylke's mockup but with colors.

I need some help with the source chooser because even reproducing the
code from the original gnome-sound-recorder it won't work... at all.
What's more in don't understand a thing about makefiles, configure.ac so
the project is not currently installable and lacks internationalization.
Though it's quite easy to compile and run it with one line of code.
If you are interested I can publish the code to a gitorious depo, the
code unfortunately needs cleanup and lacks comments.

Finally,a screenshot to see what it looks like

Florent Thévenet <feuloren free fr>

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