Re: A rewritten gnome-sound-recorder

On 16.08.2010 13:19, Florent Thévenet wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm coding a new gnome-sound-recorder from scratch, using Vala as
> programing language, and based on Hylke Bons mockups 
> The project is in a usable state but need several improvements:
> You can record but not choose the source of the sound yet,
> You can play a file from the list and seek into it with the slider,
> You can rename a record, change the audio format used for recording, and
> change the records location.
> I plan to write a new Widget called 'RecordIndicator' which shows the
> sound input like in Hylke's mockup but with colors.
I have a VUMeter widget in buzztard, that is almost the same as also the
one in GNOME Sound Preferences. It's a plain c widget using cairo.
> I need some help with the source chooser because even reproducing the
> code from the original gnome-sound-recorder it won't work... at all.
We should probably implement GstPropertyProbe on the gstreamer elements
for the "device" property (like we e.g. do for alsa).


> What's more in don't understand a thing about makefiles, so
> the project is not currently installable and lacks internationalization.
> Though it's quite easy to compile and run it with one line of code.
> If you are interested I can publish the code to a gitorious depo, the
> code unfortunately needs cleanup and lacks comments.
> Finally,a screenshot to see what it looks like
> Cheers

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