Re: A rewritten gnome-sound-recorder

Hello Florent,

> I'm coding a new gnome-sound-recorder from scratch, using Vala as
> programing language, and based on Hylke Bons mockups 

Excellent idea!  You could join #gnome-design ans discuss things with
Hylke (hbons), perhaps he has updates on the design.

> I need some help with the source chooser because even reproducing the
> code from the original gnome-sound-recorder it won't work... at all.

You could do without and defer to PulseAudio (and GNOME Sound
Preferences) to select the input channel; actually it looks like
the current recorder does this.

> What's more in don't understand a thing about makefiles, so
> the project is not currently installable and lacks internationalization.
> Though it's quite easy to compile and run it with one line of code.
> If you are interested I can publish the code to a gitorious depo, the
> code unfortunately needs cleanup and lacks comments.

Sure, please publish; and don't hesitate to ask for comments or
assistance on #gnome-love, or on the corresponding mailing list
(gnome-love gnome org)



[PS: also if you want to discuss things in French, there is a often
 lively channel at #gnomefr]

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