Re: gnome-media roadmap for 2.23

Hi Marc,
Good question Mark, let me chime in with my opinion on gnome-media on a
per application basis:

gnome-sound-recorder - A potentially useful application, but nobody ever
gave it enough love to make it really sturdy and feature full. I notice
that my fedora package doesn't even include it atm. 

gnome-volume-control - Probably the most useful part of gnome-media.
That said under Fedora its a bit less useful currently due to the
inclusion of Pulse Audio which requires the use of the Pulse-audio-mixer
to give you full access to the system. Not sure what the way forward
here should be. What I heard so far is that people are not to happy with
the current GStreamer mixer interface, which I guess ties closely into
this application, but nobody seems to have a clear idea where to take

CD-Player - Haven't used this application in a looong while, but it
seems to still work. One could ask if Totem for instance should handle
Audio cd's instead (Totem segfaulted for me when I tried).

Profiles - I honestly do not know the state of these as things have
moved a lot recently with things like HAL, GStreamer autopluggers and
Pulse and friends playing an increased role. Are the profiles in
gnome-media still the baseline for sinks in GNOME applications or are
other units providing the current set of profiles used?

As a general summary I guess my feeling is that gnome-media has been on
life support for a long time. There are useful things in there, but
unless someone is prepared to step up and become an active maintainer
(in the new development meaning) then these applications while continue
their slow decent towards obsoletion.


On Sun, 2008-03-09 at 17:01 +0200, Marc-André Lureau wrote:
> Hi,
> Poke!
> Apologizes for waking up this mailing list. I'd like to gather ideas
> from people subscribed here. Should we try to have a discussion about
> gnome-media future? (2.22 is out in a few days, I think)
> What should be done with gnome-media? what should be deprecated? what
> should be improved? what does gnome-multimedia mean today?
> Ideally, we should come up with a roadmap, such as
> (CC people that are maintaining gnome-media today, and who discussed
> that already some time ago)
> Cheers,,

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