Re: gnome-media roadmap for 2.23


On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 5:01 PM, Marc-André Lureau
<marcandre lureau gmail com> wrote:
>  Ideally, we should come up with a roadmap, such as

So I did my home-work of new maintainer, and I wrote a roadmap:

IMHO, it's better to keep simple goals, because GNOME media lack of
significants contributions recently, some issues are long and
difficult to fix (what murray has recently written is pathetic, and we
all experience it).  I foresee that some other projects, from Gst and
PA communities, will slowly deprecate some components. But this is
also a slow process..

I kindly ask you to comment the roadmap (process is describe in [2]).
Your opinion matter! You can reply on the mailing list or edit the
wiki page, whatever is better.

If you have better idea for GNOME-CD/Cddb/VuMeter deprecation plan, or
if you want to keep it, tell us!



Marc-André Lureau

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