Re: Common music database?

On 4/18/06, Daniel Svensson <daniel nittionio nu> wrote:

> The wiki can be found at:
> Interesting parts to read are: Read me first, faq, collections, developer ideas

The XMMS2 vs GStreamer page has a lot of glaring errors, and
completely misses the point that GStreamer is a framework, and XMMS2
is simply a player.

"To get a bigger beast like GST to work on small portable platforms
probably will be a lot harder for us."

It works perfectly on Maemo and the Nokia 770, which is a low power,
low memory device.

"The clientlib has no dependences and the core / plugin only depend on
glib / sqlite3"

GStreamer depends on glib and libxml

"GST still doesn't run on windows either."

GStreamer runs on Windows and MacOSX

"A GST based transform for XMMS2 would on the other hand be something
that I would like to have in our standard distribution."

What does that mean?


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