Re: Common music database?

Why do we need a shared (physically the same) medialibrary? Isn't the
diffrences what makes some music players more powerful than others? To
unify the media library would most likely lead to some music players
getting less powerful than their current state unless they store
metadata in some secondary location, which seems like a hackisch
approach. Do enough people switch music players often enough to make
this feasible? If people switch music players that often, then maybe
it's not sharing the medialib that should have the developers
attention, but rather the rest of the music player that should be
fixed so that its users decides to stay.

A common way of accessing _basic_ metadata, and controlling _basic_
playback is not a bad idea though. For XMMS2, Banshee and Rhythmbox
this can already be seen within the gnome panel applet called Music
Applet, , in the
sense that music applet unifies their diffrences.

So go ahead and specify some unified dbus api for extracting such
information, and issuing such commands and everyone will be happy.

If it adds anything to the discussion, XMMS2 project has recently had
some interesting discussions about querying a media library.

Daniel Svensson, <daniel nittionio nu>

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