Re: Common music database?

On 4/17/06, Sriram Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com> wrote:
> Secondly, you're thinking that a single music player would address all
> your needs.  Frankly I don't think it can.  There are too many use cases
> for music players and a single monolithic application is not going to
> address everything.  So the idea is that you would use the player that
> would work best with what you want to do.  For instance, you still want
> your tags if you decide you want to stream your music to another computer
> or to your stereo.  But Rhythmbox isn't meant to do that, but some
> other app is.
May I be so blunt to suggest you try out xmms2 for a while? This is
exactly what I do too, but with the same application. I kick back in
the sofa, press alt+f3 to activate deskbar, a bit of text, some
arrow-movement and enter and music comes flowing. music applet starts
doing its thing, and I add some ranking to the current song. Later I
need to get a good view of all my music and I fire up a medialib
browser that lets me with ease navigate throughout my collection.
Suddenly a friend calls because she noticed a strange song on my page which the scrobbler client updates in the background, so
I type some cryptic commands on my terminal to activate an icecast of
what I'm listening to. Later this very hypothetical night I invite
some friends for some partying, we get very drunk and normal
applications will simply not do. A full screen opengl based
application that lets you browse the cd's with large fonts, flip them
and watch the back side, and right/left arrow to rotate the cd-case to
the next album, and on key press a search starts and everything
rotates and scream of bling ;)

And all of this, just simple clients connected to the minimalistic,
simplistic xmms2 daemon.

No flaming intended, just a description of how xmms2 works as I come
to think of xmms2 when reading each and every mail in this discussion.

Daniel Svensson, <daniel nittionio nu>

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