Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.5

On Thu, 23.09.04 10:34, Jeff Waugh (jdub perkypants org) wrote:

> <quote who="Lennart Poettering">
> > Another idea: you might want to make use of debian alternatives subsystem
> > or dpkg-divert to replace the "esd" binary with polypaudio's
> > script. (the scirpt released with v0.5 is broken, so you
> > better wait for 0.6 before introducing this.)
> I've just conflicted with esound, and installed in its place
> (taking out the -r which was breaking it). Is it more broken than that?
> Other than not actually using any of the parameters... ;-)

Yes and no. If you don't use libesd's autospawning everything is
OK. If you use autospawning it appears that everything works OK, but
it doesn't. (The undocumented esd option -spawnfd is not handled) The
current SVN version fixes that. I will release this as 0.5.1
shortly, consider waiting until than.


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