Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.5

On Thu, 23.09.04 07:39, Jeff Waugh (jdub perkypants org) wrote:

> > May I ask how you split polypaudio in binary packages? Did you package
> > paman, pavumeter, xmms-polyp, libao-polyp as well?
> I've just done the polypaudio tarball itself for the moment, split into the
> following packages:
> Package: polypaudio
> Package: polypaudio-alsa
> Package: polypaudio-x11
> Package: libpolyp0
> Package: libpolyp-dev
> Package: libpolyp0-glib2.0
> Package: libpolyp0-glib2.0-dev

That looks fine to me, just one suggestion: consider splitting off
pacat/pactl to a new package polypaudio-clients or something like
this. This would be similar to esound-clients vs. esound.

> I'm cheating, not doing glib1.2 packages until I have to. I'll look at the
> other members of the polypaudio family soon. :-)

It's fine with me if you don't package the glib1.2 part. I developed
it because i thought I could make use of it in the XMMS output
drivers. Unfortunately, XMMS is so fucked up that I have to spawn a new
thread anyway where I can run my own mainloop implementation. Besides
the test programs in the polypaudio distribution no software makes any
use of the glib1.2 port anyway. I just didn't want to dump it yet.


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