Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.5

On Thu, 23.09.04 07:04, Jeff Waugh (jdub perkypants org) wrote:

> Lennart,


> Conrad Parker came over to my place to hack last night, and told me all
> about polypaudio. I set out to make Debian and Ubuntu packages for it, he
> set out to build/port it to OS X. I beat him fair and square. :-)

Thank you for the effots.

Just yesterday I posted an RFP for polypaudio:

You may want to close it. May I ask how you split polypaudio in
binary packages? Did you package paman, pavumeter, xmms-polyp,
libao-polyp as well?

> To show my gratitude for this masterful work, I will raise the polypaudio
> battle standard for GNOME 2.10. It's time...
> Victory is nigh, fellow soldiers.

Thank you for your support. ;-) I will do my very best to get
polypaudio into Gnome 2.10.


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