Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.5

<quote who="Lennart Poettering">

> That looks fine to me, just one suggestion: consider splitting off
> pacat/pactl to a new package polypaudio-clients or something like
> this. This would be similar to esound-clients vs. esound.

Okay, will do.

> It's fine with me if you don't package the glib1.2 part. I developed
> it because i thought I could make use of it in the XMMS output
> drivers. Unfortunately, XMMS is so fucked up that I have to spawn a new
> thread anyway where I can run my own mainloop implementation. Besides
> the test programs in the polypaudio distribution no software makes any
> use of the glib1.2 port anyway. I just didn't want to dump it yet.

Heh, okay. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
    "Professor Tanenbaum did not convince AdTI that Linus Torvalds wrote
        the Linux kernel from scratch." - Ken Brown, Sponsored Moron

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