Re: [gnome-mud] G-M glade branch

Quim Rovira wrote:
Hello all,


I mostly agree with Robin, although I think that release 1.0 should be carefully planned and based on the glade branch. For what I see in the wiki, a bug in the HEAD branch is that the mapper has the exit strings hardcoded so non-english muds have no automapper functionality. I submitted a patch long ago that made possible to modify this exit strings so they could be used by the automapper and also the key bindings (i think), and also included a .glade file from which a window was created (to allow easy integration with the glade branch, although the patch was against the HEAD branch). I will take a look at it and rewrite it as needed, if you want.

I never saw such a patch, however checking the imap-folder I find a patch from you, haven't looked at it though.

I don't know how you solved this in you patch, so this is completly from me :)

First, the settings must be overridable on connection level, otherwise people can only choose to have english or native directions.

Secondly, it would be very nice to have profile that can inherit from another profile, that way people can have a global profile for spanish muds and one for english or what other languages one might need.


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