Re: [gnome-mud] Spanish gnome-mud

I'd like to start working on it, as long as nobody is already assigned. Should I modify the source code in cvs or should I wait for the libgrade migration to finish? I've also reenabled the plugin menu feature, but it does not have much use if the ui is going to be changed.


Jordi Mallach wrote:

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 01:29:46PM +0100, Quim Rovira wrote:
I think it should be configurable.. mainly because spanish mudders are not the only spanish mud players, and there are probably muds around that use non standard exit commands and should be also supported. I think it could even be integrated into a keybindings section, although it is a quite special case (just consider that the automap has to know the key-direction relations).

You are probably right. Oh well, more configuration then. We need a "mapper"
tab for preferences now, right?


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