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If I'm not wrong, this first is a know issue which is in the TODO list for future gnome-mud releaes. The second has also been discussed in the mailing list, so all active developers know about it. It should be easy to make movement commands configurable, and if the project managers agree I would like to implement it, either using libglade or gtk only (the user interface is currently being heavily modified).


softhome wrote:

I'm a Spanish mud user. I use Debian/Unstable. I've installed the
gnomde-mud and I've tried to play in a spanish server but I've found
some bugs:

- I can't see special characters (of spanish) like "" or tilded vocals.
- The automapper option sends commands in english (such as "north")
and the server I play in works in spanish (instead of "north" is "norte")

Is there any way to solve this problem? Gnome-mud is the best mud
client that I've found for Linux but I can't play in a Spanish server.


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