Re: [gnome-love] wanted: php or cgi programmer with some spare time to help with gnome test spec

On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 10:52, Manuel Borchers wrote:
Hi Luis!

Am Son, 2001-12-02 um 15.59 schrieb Luis Villa:
There is one thing that perl would definitely be wonderful for. As I
pointed out in my last message*, the tests are currently stored as
~2,000 star-office generated HTML files. A perl script that converted
these data files to XML would be wonderful. A tarball with all the files

So, one question I have: these HTML files look all the same, right?

The same or basically the same. Remember, there are 2,000 of them so
I've only looked at a small subset :)

Well, I think that would be a good job for Perl.

I agree :)

The next step would be to create a spec for the generated XML-File...

At least one of the php programmers is already looking at this a bit; if
you're busy maybe you can look at what they come up with in the next
couple days and work on the script once they figure out something that
would work well for them.

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